From Dije Takanwa The chairman 313 farms Limited, in his press released observed that for any nation to attain development, agriculture should be made
to play its crucial role in the promotion, consolidation and
sustainable development of the country.
According to him, agricultural sector alone has the capacity to reduce
unemployment to the barest minimum and increase growth domestic
product (GDP) and above all panacea to all Nigerian economic problems.
in his statement who made the observation while addressing the pressmen in
Kano the state capital recently saying that before export of crude oil
started generated about 90 percent of the Foreign Exchange earnings
for the government, the profile of Nigerian economy was Agrarian and
Agriculture are the main stay of the economy.

He said the introduction of economy diversification mantra as preached
by the APC-led administration is considered as an important step that
would take the country out of its present economic quagmire adding
that the returning of agriculture is one sure way that has a
multiplier effect both on the world most populous black nation’s
economy as well as help to achieve food security.

The chairman explained that if you want to build a nation you have to
start with agriculture because it is the engine room of all
development and I have travelled to many countries around the globe
like Scotland, England, Israel, America and Latin America and
discovered that in America only 10 percent of her population engaged
in agriculture and produce more than the needs of the whole population
and even send out surplus to many countries. However in Nigeria with
about 64 percent of her population engaged in agriculture but find it
difficult to produce enough to meet the need of her populace.

He said the only way we can be agricultural reliant economy and boost
productivity, government should establish institutionalized
agricultural subsidized, where in all agricultural inputs were
substantially subsidized, introduce marketing board to regulate all
agricultural produce market with sole aim to encourage more people in
the farm and ensuring their development and sustainability.

Alhassan said the 313 Farm was introduced primarily to complement
government’s effort toward achieving agricultural reliant economy
adding that the richness of the nation is not determines on oil sector
but on soil.

Ibrahim further explained that most of the countries he travelled to
are not rich as Nigeria but because of the commitment, dedication they
produce more than the needs of the people therefore urged the
government to provide incentives to serious minded farmers who are
keenly interested in producing food for the teaming population of
Nigeria in order to earn their confidence saying that if government
provide enough agricultural input to farmers Kano and Jigawa State farmers can feed the nation.

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