Ganduje has already won in 2019

Interview with senior special advisorThis is an interview with Dr Hashim Suleiman Dungurawa, a senior special advisor on city beautification in Governor Ganduje’s administration with Nafisa Abdulkarim. He is one of the men behind the scene of this government’s successes. He bares his mind on Ganduje’s reelection bid and many other issues. This is a must read. Excerpts:
The African Monitor: Good afternoon Sir, we will like to know you and your portfolio.
Hashim Suleiman: I am Dr. Hashim Suleiman Dungurawa. I am the senior special advisor to the executive governor of Kano state on urban beautification. Our task ranges from road signs to massive projects like overhead bridges and underpasses. Our responsibility is to identify and bring out places that need to be placed in order like landscaping, beautification, electrification and all facets of city management. What makes a city is not the structures erected or the buildings dotting the landscape, but also its appealing and attracting nature. We have in the past three years undergone several projects to make the view of Kano an inviting one. The next on our agenda are the nearly completed Kofar Ruwa underpass and the just begun Zoo road / Dangi underpass, which will be handed over to us as soon as the constructions are over.
I must admit this is a tiresome job, we have been working round the clock to make ends meet. Kano is a massive city that earned its name as the centre of commerce, and its beauty is the hallmark of it. To keep that record was not easy. However we are thankful to Allah for the success achieved. Our hardwork is paying dividends, we are having public endorsement and accolade. The people of the city are commending our efforts and are extremely happy with what we are doing. The impressive thing is that we are doing all this with the minimum amount of resources necessary, this is been prudent. No body had been this good since the inception of Kano.
I must add that this will have been impossible without the more than enough backing of the Governor Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje. He was very supportive to us and whatever we requested was given without reservations or hinderances.As Hausa’s put it that “Yabon gwani ya zama dole” and as such I must personally commend his excellency for his backing. Kano has done well under him and will continue to do so.
TAM: This government is critisized severely for privatizing and selling all government available spaces. What will you say to your defence?
Hashim: That is true but the question should be why. Naturally state governments earn their income through grants from federal allocation, internal revenue generated and sale of unused or obsolete government’s properties. All past governments have done so. Now in running many government buildings and parastatals much is invested than is gained meaning they are been run at a loss, thus wasting taxpayers’s money. Others are structures that can more efficiently be managed by private sector, so we had public private partnership. In all places that were sold out or reconstructed like kwari market, they have increased the marketability of the place and have added value, in turn generating more resources for public good. But you know it has been unfortunately politicised unduely, but all well meaning people knew we are on the right track.
TAM: Are there any of your government’s policies that you think could have been done in a better way?
Hashim: Yes you know all humans are fallible, nay our humanity is is defined by our been fallibile. But in a fair sense a person that has done wrong once and have done a thousand positive things to his credit, it is only fair that his credits overshadows any other thing else. Time will not permit that I list all positive things we are doing. If you are to ask any person in Kano that can tell his left from his right will tell you that Ganduje is the best thing that has happened to Kano.
TAM: What do you think you can offer Kano to favour the reelection of your government come 2019?
Hashim: As I have told you ,the exigensis of time will not permit me to elaborate fully. Secondly we are been followed closely by the public and are fully aware of all our efforts of seeing Kano been turned to a mega city. The job is strenuous and exhausting but the smile and goodwill we reciece from people from all corners of the state and beyond give us hope and enthusiasm to do more. That is why we involve the media in what we do to have a professional touch on government affairs.
Ganduje and his cabinet is the best set that can lead Kano. Ganduje himself is a PhD holder alongside his wife the first lady of Kano state. The deputy governor is a professor , so also his wife is a PhD holder. When you are lead by this team you can’t go wrong.
We appeal to the good people of Kano to continue to support us and continue to advise us where appropriate. I assure you that the best is yet to come.
With what we have done and from the massive support we enjoy, we already have earned victory cone 2019 elections.
Nafisa Abdulkarim Garba
Hussain H Abdulkadir

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