It’s time for the youths – Getso

Mustapha Bala Getso is a Kano based vibrant young politician. He is the founder and national chairman of the New Progressive Movement (NPM). He is also the gubernatorial candidate of Kano state under same party.
In an interview with the African Monitor’s political editor, Ibrahim Idris, the exuberant youngest gubernatorial candidate unveils the genesis of his contest and some of his party manifesto. Excerpts:

Sir, may we have your bio-data, for our readers to know who you are?
Well, my name is Mustapha Bala Getso, I was born in Kano a bit over three (3) decades ago. I started my primary education Kano Capital School, I was later moved to Kaduna Capital School; and the Essence International School, where I completed the primary education.
I then moved to Federal Government College (FGC) Kwali, Abuja for my junior secondary education, I later returned back to Kaduna Capital School for my Senior School Certificate (SSCE). I then got admitted into Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU), Bauchi where I acquired my Bachelor of Science (B.Sc Technology) degree in Quantity Survey.
I thereafter returned home and participated in running the family business for my father; I was a General Manager (GM) in a special agreement with Alhaji Aliko Dangote in Dangote factory. I was the GM in Sokoto division of Dangote Cement. I held so many posts in so many businesses. I just want to be short and precise.

What motivated you to be a politician?
The zeal to contribute my own quota to the development of our great nation, Nigeria and Kano state in particular.
You see, my involvement in political began right from my university days. I was once a student union president; I was also the national president of Kano State Students Association (NAKSS); I once managed and became the electoral chairman of Student Union Government (SUG) while at ATBU Bauchi.
I was also a co-convener; I ran the activities of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) that saw to the emergence of Emagwe as National President of the association. I was involved in the activities of so many organizations.
In the conventional politics, I am the founder, national chairman of New Progressive Movement (NPM); a newly established political party, registered barely two years ago. I am the Kano state gubernatorial candidate under the platform of NPM. As I told you earlier, it is the need to contribute my quota to the development of Kano state and Nigeria in general prompted me to become a politician.


Sir, if given the mandate, what do you have in stock for the people of Kano?
We have a lot of things that we want to offer. Naturally people tend to make promises that turn out to be empty in the end of the day. We do not make promises; but the people of Kano state should expect positive dynamic changes in their lives from us. For over two or three decades ago, politicians have been using the word “change! Change!!” that has not yielded any positive result. But ours is going to be a positive and dynamic change.
You see the ideology and manifesto of our party go against the politics of ‘god fatherism’, that one has to have a god-father before he become a leader or figure to be reckoned with. Such dreadful politics only succeeded in the advent of sycophancy and dependency culture among the people of Nigeria, particularly the youth.
The ideology and manifesto also go against the domination of older generation over the youth, in the country. You see most of the older generation seems to be somewhat tyrant that draw the youth along with them and try make the youth do whatever they, the older generation, want with the youths’ lives. So it’s time for the youth to take over the mantle of affairs of this country. The older generation has failed Nigerian masses are still reeling in the abyss of so many socio-economic vices, and the older generations, particular the elites in government have failed to provide a simple solution to better the lots of Nigerian masses. Whenever they need to the youths’ services, they tend to address them as “the leaders of tomorrow,” the tomorrow that has refused to arrive for decades. The long period taken by the older is nothing short of decades of decadence.
One finds today an old man that has been serving the country for over 40 years. In this government, there is a minister who was once a minister during the reign of Sir Ahmadu Bello, Sardauna of Sokoto. And he still serves this government as minister. Such people perpetuate themselves and have refused to let go of the affairs of the country to the youth; as “hangers-on”, they hand on to power; that has continued to be the bane of development in Nigeria.
The youths are more vibrant and energetic to take this country to promised land. A simple analysis would illustrate this to you.
All the progressive leaders that played a vital role and contributed immensely to the independence and development of our nation did so at their prime youth stage, none of them reached fourty (40) years when he assumed the mantle of leadership.
But to our utmost consternation, the older generation has refused to give the youth a trial. It is high time the youths woke up from the somnambulism they had plunged into. This is our time.
In the area of agriculture, our party ideology intends to boost agriculture. We have various and numerous dams that are not utilized for the aim of their construction.
It is within my manifesto to see to the intermittent food production in Kano state. We shall not restrict farming to rainy season; even during dry season we shall see to full implementation of irrigation farming.
In the area of revenue generation, we made a research that denotes that over N10 billion could be generated monthly in Kano. Such huge sum monthly could bring about progress and development to our dear state. It is very disheartening to note that among the 44 local government areas in the state, none of them possesses its own tractor, a whole local government; not a ward.
So, if billions could be generated in a month, that should at least reduce or even eradicated wholly our dependence on our state allocation from federal account.
In the area of education, the older generation, particularly the elites in government is so egocentric. One find an education commissioner’s or minister’s children attending expensive private schools despite the fact that their parents are the ones charged with the responsibility of overseeing the smooth conducts of education in public institutions. That should denote that even the commissioner or minister are not confident of the public institutions that they are supposed to manage and provide quality education.
Had their children been in private schools, they would have known and provided the basics necessary for the smooth dissemination of knowledge in the public schools.
In the health sector, one readily finds the gigantic doctors and consultants owning the private hospitals of imminence. They have dominated and occupied public hospitals that they refuse to allow the conducive atmosphere for health service. They tend to refer patients to their private hospitals, most of which are their own.
So if given the mandate, I shall look into the affairs of these two all-important sectors; health and education cum other areas of human development; ipso facto the infrastructural transformation.
Leadership is the will of God, if He destines me to be the governor of Kano state, no force on earth can prevent that; similarly if He wills otherwise, no force on earth can make me become. So I submit my candidacy and wish to the Will of God.
So we have to be true to ourselves; all and sundry. This is my belief and I stand by it.
Sir, you’re a young man compared to the other contestants for the guber seat. How prepared are you for the political intrigues of the older generation?
I appreciate this question. You see I told you I single-handedly spear-headed the founding and registration of the party. Hence I am aware and have always been conscious of the intrigues you mentioned; and I am prepared for them. None of our Kano elites has ever spearheaded the formation and registration of a political party. I think I would be right if I say that with the exception of Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), NPM is the only core political party founded by a Kano indigene. I happened to be the chairman of the registration.
Furthermore, ultimate power belongs to Almighty God, albeit many people think otherwise; they think that money is power. Despite the fact that I am the youngest candidate to guber seat in Kano as at today, I am optimistic that I could face any challenge; anytime and anywhere. I do not feel fear or jittery that someone could prevent my destiny on me.
And I do not have anyone to prostrate before; to back or support me. I am depended on Almighty Omnipotent God. I can’t go looking about for someone to be my god-father.
There is this false belief in Kano, that there are three to four people who one must see before he becomes something in the state. I do not subscribe to such baloney; no force can prevent the Will of God from coming to pass. If God wills me to become the governor, it shall come to pass.

The African Monitor wishes you all the best.
Thank you and God bless!

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