KNSG urged to encourage tourism sector

Kano state government has been called upon to always regard the tourism industry as a partner in progress that contributes its own quota economically for the development of the state and not as an antagonistic venture that is always under the watch and wrath of the state’s law apparatus.
This call was made by the treasurer, Hoteliers Association of Nigeria, Kano State Chapter, Hon. Lawrence Udechukwu in an exclusive interview with African Monitor in Kano over the weekend.
According to him, the hotel industry is a contributing factor in the economic development of the areas it operates, hence government should appreciate this role and encourage hoteliers to boost the venture but not to regard it as “one hell of an enemy” that exploits the moral values of the society or an abominable venture, “It has lots of economic potentialities,” he added.
He describe what he calls “harassment” often meted on hotel owners by the Kano state’s Hisbah Board as an affront, pointing out that such invasion on them periodically, is antagonistic in nature that causes adverse effects on the running of their business.
Udechukwu who is also the Managing Director of Keen Village Hotel, Sabon Gari, pointed out that hoteliers are the highest tax payers and revenue generators in the state after the industrial ventures hence it is incumbent on the government to embrace and carry them along as sincere economic enforcers who have the interest of the state at heart
and not to destroy it.
He said as a result of such raid by the Hisbah, many of their counterparts have closed shops, while others are merely on “motion without movement” even as they seldom operate without breaking even, adding that some of them have no choice than to opt for other safe, economic options elsewhere.
He then appealed to the Kano State government to look into their plight with a view to bringing an end the constant harassment against them by its sharia law enforcers, contending that the law has exempted their area from its enshrinement.
Honourable Udechukwu who was once a councillor, Fagge Local Government Ward, Kano, under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) during the erstwhile first ternure of governor Rabiu Kwankwaso, dismissed Nigeria’s democracy as a ruse and mere window dressing.
He observed that the tenets of democracy in Nigeria are practically not adhered to by its enforcers particularly the ruling class which sees the system as a conduit for enrichment, saying “in fact, no true democracy in Nigeria, only selection because our politics is based on god-fatherism, nepotism and greed”.
He added that in most cases, the Nigerian masses are not represented by those they elected into political office holders with their votes but by and large, most of those that surface after elections, are mere beneficiaries of
god-fatherism and nepotism because they have scaled the “who you are, and where do you come from” hurdle.
As a result, he said, many of such choices, are politically alien to the electorates and are ignorant with the rules and regulations guiding the practice of true democracy, a development which he says gives birth to clueless leaders and democratic imposters ruling the country.
The once councillor therefore advised Nigerians to ensure that they elect leaders who are well conversant with what democracy is all about and not those with only the ambition to rule without principles or single agenda of purpose, adding, “when the head is rotten, the body is a mere waste and nothing can be achieved”.
He expressed gratitude to Kano State governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje for constructing a modern health centre n Sabon Gari, located at Middle Road which runs 24 hours and the complete renovation of the road on Court Road within the same area which he said are welcome developments.
Udechukwu who is an elder in All Progressives Congress (APC), appealed to the governor to renovate other deplorable roads in Sabon Gari and provide water and electricity which are all lacking in the area.
He salutes President Buhari for his efforts in steering the country and urged him to do more in the areas of economic development and security of the nation. He prays for continuous peace in Kano and Nigeria in general.

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