LOOKING BACK – Dr Hassan Hussain Abdulkadir

First, let me explain the usual in Nigerian politics. It is a little puzzling because I was almost decidedly not to go into politics, but I need to clarify this before going into my story.
In 2011, a man I had come to know was in the presidential contest of my country Nigeria. I asked myself, “This man has that much faith in him?” I often reflect on how one man’s word could have such a profound impact on our people and the known course of your life is transformed forever.
Being a Nigerian, the power of such word and their life-changing effect was not strange to my dream, but that knowledge does not reduce their radical effect on the object of their occurrence.
I felt it was the responsibility to make some positive difference in the lives of these people who committed to Nigerians when compare with the government of that time. That the government will deal with those with unforgivable crime to this Nation.
That the Government overhauled and virtually reinvented our security architecture to confront Boko Haram and its surge. It reorganized our security apparatus by re-equipping and fully motivating the armed forces afresh.
Issues would get further Complicated with the curious intervention of some of media that help to spread propaganda in the mind of my Nigerians while they have hidden agenda of campaigning against the nation.
To be continued

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