Your Responsibility Is To Protects lives and properties of Citizen Bashir I. Bashir

The primary responsibility of government is protecting lives and properties. When you have permanent recurrence of wanton killings with no one taking responsibility, this cycle of violence is bound to continue and escalate.

All we hear are expressions of regrets and empty promises of being ‘on top’ of the situations. In sane societies several heads would have rolled. Unfortunately ours is run by blind sentiments, raw Emotions and sheer hypocrisy. Lives Don’t matter here.


Slowly we are being decimated on a daily basis. Savagery and banditry have become the order of the day. Leaders are no longer accountable. The led are no longer accounted for. None has guarantee of his life, at home, in our working place or on the move. Sanity has taken a ‘Technical’ flight, (Apology to our presidency).


Our elected officials have taken a dose of opiate deadlier than the Codeine they have just banned. An overdose of political power laced with crass impunity served with a dessert of the most known inhumanity of Man to mankind. Two extremes of haves and the haves nots are the defining spectrum of our collective existence in Nigeria.

A country where Medical Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers and all manner of professionals are not sure of their immediate financial safety. A society where any gainfully employed person subsidizes a retinue of relations and friends. A society where the past was rosy, the present hopeless and the future is bleak. A society where it’s women are subjugated and its youth subdued. A society where political elections is largely a cycle of lies, deception, deceit, false promises and broken hopes. A society where lies are sacred and truths are wantonly desecrated. A society where instead of being our brothers keepers, we are our brothers killers, on social media or in the real world. A society where hope has become a daily mirage which we chase for endlessly. A society where those who CAN change the society WOULD Not, and those who CANT change the society are constantly in POWER.

Time is running out for those of us willing to leave our comfort zones and take a plunge into the coming cycle of violence and brigandage called elections. The only option open to us is to join forces irrespective of our symbolic political parties and make a difference in the lives of our people. Not to ACT is an unimaginable catastrophe of monumental political tragedy.


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