Court Remanded Tashaku And 5 Others.

“Killing of 19 Worshippers Including Two Catholic Priests; Court Remanded Tashaku And 5 Others.

A Chief Magistrates’ Court in Benue State, presided over by Isaac Ajim, has remanded the Commander of Livestock Guard, Alhaji Tashaku Aliyu, for the death of two priests and 17 worshippers at St. Ignatius Catholic Church, Ukpor, Ayar, Mbalom in Gwer East Local Government.

Five other suspects remanded are Husseini Manga, Ngyohov Shin, David Akenawe, Agada Tsesaa and Tarza Orvanya all of them from Benue State!!! No single Fulani involved!!!

When the Kogi incident happened, many newspapers and blogs quickly attributed it to Herdsmen killing, at the end of the day, it was realised that we are the one killing ourselves in Kogi.

When the Ozobulu massacre happened, some “eye witnesses” rushed to social media that the killers looked like Fulanis and were speaking Arabic languages. Within short period, it WS discovered that the people killed themselves because of drug money.

When the Kwara massacre happened, many tagged it Fulani invasion until investigations quashed that trash, and people realised that killings and maiming has no tribal concentration.

This is the point I keep hammering on; many of us are hypocrites, we ‘condemn’ and show ‘sympathy’ to score cheap political points, not because we care. Instead of condemning negative actions against humanity, we look for every opportunity to extract sentiments for personal, tribal, religion and political gains. This is not the context and concept of Christianity and Islam and even Traditionalism.

Now the Newspapers like The Punch, Vanguard, The Sun, The Moon, The Stars and others have muted, they have failed to report the turnaround now because it didn’t sync with their agendas. And for the “Activists” who call the Fulanis all sort of names instead of condemning the killing in it’s entirety, tell me, how will you reconcile with your conscience?

Paul wrote in James 1:19; “Be swift to hear and slow to speak”, its necessary because we will account for every single words and even actions at the end of the day. (Matt. 12:37

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