Modernzation of Nigerian Educational System: the journey so far…khalifa shehu dokaji

Politics is a game of strategy, dedication and hardwork which many erroneously take as a do or die affair.
Politicians employ different ways to express their pleasure or vis-vis, to stay relevant in the game of power or achieve some goal, thus, Malam Adamu Adamu’s own political philosophy was clearly laid down in his newspaper columns.
He was a passionate advocate of democracy and the attendant qualities of justice, freedom and equality it offers- the philosophy the government he is serving is built on.
If any one was in doubt regarding his political credential, then the recently concluded national convention of the APC has vindicated Malam Adamu.
The convention has exposed the instability bedevilling the APC in most of the states it is leading.
Conflicts between governors and their predecessors, senators and ministers is a key problem crippling the party.
A few key players are not involved in this power tussle. Malam Adamu Adamu is one. Despite having the respect and ears of the president, and leading an important ministry. Malam Adamu uses his position not to impose himslef, but to make sure every member of the APC is treated fairly and just.
He does not impose his interests in party politics as many ambitious ministers do. His assignment is to revolutionize the nation’s educational sector and has occupied him self with just that.
Malam Adamu has displayed a tremendous courage, commitment and determination for the promotion of an effective internal democracy within the APC in his state and Nigerian as a whole.
Bauchi state was among the most organised states in the convention despite the rift between the speaker of the National Assembly and the state Governor.
Malam Adamu’s statesmanship saved the day. He imparted sense into the Bauchi delegates by showing them the futility of extending local squabbles to the national arena.
The Bauchi delegates were the most organised. The maturity they showed was so reassuring that Malam Adamu Adamu, in a display of rare humility and simplicity, deserted the VIP shade and sat among them. Such action is unprecedented in Bauchi’s political history.
Since his appointment as Nigeria’s Minster of Education Malam Adamu Adamu has displayed a deep sense of commitment and concentration towards transforming Nigerian education.
His reshaping of the Nigerian syllabus to include History- to show the upcoming generation what Nigeria really is and where it is headed to- would forever be rememberd as perhaps his greatest legacy. In an effort to check the growing decay of education in Nigeria, Malam Adamu made it known to stakeholders that by 2019, all teachers must be certified and registered.
Unqualified ones will lose their job and be replaced with qualified ones. This was in order to halt the national and international embarrassment the issue was causing the nation.
In a no nonsens move, Mallam Adamu Adamu at a Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) 2018 policy meeting with all tertiary institutions in Nigeria, which was held at Wale Babalakin Auditorium, Gbongan, Osun State, made it clear that the federal government will no long tolerate actions of some vice chancellors, rectors and provosts and their principal officers whom cannot stand test of integrity. He made it clear that sanity must be restored into the nations academia.
Irregularities regarding the issuance of admissions, skewed registration fees, post UTME fees were attended to and solutions offered.
Malam Adamu’s economic frugality and transperancy is unrivalled among the nation’s ministers.
The 138 billion Naira his ministry recived to date as matching grant, was easily and transperantly accessed by States and Federal Institutions after paying their counterpart contributions. In addition, audits are now more frequent.
Important to note on this is that when establishing the audit exercise it provided reliable basic education data to ease and enhance effective planning by decision makers within and outside the country and Nigerian varsities are no more on strike mission, all under his supervision of Mallam Adamu Adamu.
Indeed Malam Adamu, an Accountant, Journalist, Activist and the nations’s Education minister is a true democrat that believes in the actualization of the change agenda of Mr. President Muhammad Buhari.
His choice of Dr. Abdullah Baffa Bichi as the executive secretary of Tetfund vividly shows his zeal to work with people capable of taking Nigeria to the promised land. Dr Baffa Bichi has distinguished himself as a rare academician with exceptional ability.
Malam Adamu’s actions and especially his choice of officials to work with, is an indication that president Muhammad Buhari has done this nation good by appointing Malam Adamu Adamu as the nation’s education minister.
Overtime, many professionals have explained to us that the Education ministry can only achieve according to the ability of those heading its parasthanks, most notably Tetfund and NUC.
With Dr Abdullahi Baffa Bichi heading the former, their is no suprise the unusual progress the ministry is making. The dilapidated state of Nigerian university lecture halls is now becoming a thing of the past. Each blessed day, Nigerian universities are upgraded.
Though an academic, Dr Bichi has proved himself a man with political forsight and dedication; while many appointees are busy designing how to reap benefit from the Buhari administration without necessarily contributing towards the actualization of the change mantra, Dr Bichi is entirely different in his philosophy.
What other example to show his love and dedication to the president that his invitation of the famous beggar cum comedian, Falke, and providing him what what to maintain his family for the entire Ramadan! This generous gesture has further exposed his personality.
One may no longer wonder why academics are happier as regards the accessibility of scholarships and academic grants.
Tetfund is working, thanks to Dr Abdullahi Bichi, the ministry of education is working, thanks to Mallam Adamu Adamu. Nigeria is working, kudos to President Muhammadu Buhari.

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